Varus followed a river running through the desert. Its water was gritty, but drinkable. The new body he had wrought bear his bow was beautiful, fast and strong, but it came with the weaknesses of flesh. It hungered. It thirsted. earlier, a crook-backed creature with a withered and birdlike features had told him this was Shurima, but that couldn’t be true. The Shurima Varus remembered had been a desolate wasteland. “Was I imprisoned for so long?” he wondered. He despised the human his new mouth made. It sounded bestial and primitive, but at least he could speak aloud once more. As to how long he had been imprisoned… it was hard to say. He retained no concept of how mortals measured time, and the bird creature hadn’t recognized what he was. She had no how far the Darkin War had been fought. “ all but this world,” he said. “And we have been forgotten? How is that even possible?” With enough time, even the greatest horrors fade. The voice echoed in his skull, impossible to ignore. Which one was it? Kai or Valmar? He suspected Val, but mortal minds […]

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