David Kulczyk, crime historian

PHOTO BY LAURAN FAYNE THOMPSON With not a single happy ending in any of his four books, crime historian and author David Kulczyk revives the stories of the dead in vivid descriptions that shine a light on Sacramento’s darker side and California’s underbelly. Last year, Kulczyk published his fourth book, California’s Deadliest Women: Dangerous Dames and Murderous Moms , with illustrations by artist Olaf Jens. It focuses on 28 cases, including that of the stone-faced “Acid Queen” of Clovis, and the cannibalistic nightmare titled “She’s a Man Eater.” For Kulczyk, a man who enjoys the many nuances of California’s rich history, murderers and psychopaths are part of the Golden State’s past, and should be remembered along with its dead. Were you always fascinated by the true-crime genre? I was never really interested in true crime. I started out writing fiction and the first two things I ever sent out got published. I was pretty successful getting short stories published and I started writing for weekly magazines and things like that. I never thought about writing about crime at all. Ever. I enjoyed reading true crime books like Jay Robert Nash, but I never liked single-issue crime books. I found […]

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