“Dazzling” Lorde puts on a stellar show at Wells Fargo Arena

According to Metacritic, the culture review aggregator website, Lorde’s “Melodrama” was the third best-reviewed album of 2017, behind only Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. and Mount Eerie’s “A Crow Looked At Me.” “Melodrama,” coming a full four years after Lorde’s debut “Pure Heroine,” established Lorde as perhaps the one singer-songwriter to exist fully at the intersection of commercial and critical success. Yet I remained partially a non-believer. I really enjoyed “Melodrama”; heck, I put it on my top albums of 2017 list. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that Lorde didn’t really have much to set her apart from her pop contemporaries. She didn’t produce her own music, and her sounds, while pleasant, were trendy. I guess I just didn’t understand what made “Melodrama” the “voice of a generation,” as one reviewer put it. After seeing Lorde perform this Sunday at Wells Fargo Arena, I am no longer a non-believer. In fact, I’m a bona fide Lorde fan, revisiting her past work and seeing “Melodrama” – an album I already enjoyed – in a new light. She was captivating, beautiful, deft and charismatic on stage, without an ounce of cynicism or negative energy. Lorde’s a star. New York-based singer-songwriter Mitski opened […]

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