Wiki­me­dia Com­mons Mr Bond, It was from you I learnt that the ’s sole suc­cess lies in age­ing, that expe­ri­ence – the arm com­mon to all our fin­ger­ing appa­ra­tus­es – is every­thing. It’s what is mak­ing me write this let­ter, and it will sub­sume this let­ter even as I write it, what will arraign it as a mem­o­ry to be recount­ed 60 years lat­er to my neighbour’s grand­chil­dren. I must make it clear why I’m writ­ing this let­ter; I’m writ­ing it because this week, I read some­thing you had writ­ten. Well, you hadn’t exact­ly writ­ten it, but your name was on the cov­er. It was your pre­sen­ta­tion to the world, to me, that is, of your favourite writ­ers, books, and excerpts. You pre­am­bled each with your fond­est words of praise, and you me why you were giv­ing me so-and-so to read and what good things I could look for. I have nev­er read any­thing this before, and 50 pages in, I knew I  have to write you a let­ter, thank­ing you for mak­ing me rest­less. But before that, Mr Bond, I have a few ques­tions, you please answer ? Why did you show […]