Denis O’Hare on Playing Edgar Allan Poe for ‘American Masters’ & Working with Ryan Murphy

Starring Denis O’Hare and narrated by Kathleen Turner , the documentary American Masters – Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive , airing on PBS on October 30 th , on the rich palette Poe’s imagery and explores the misrepresentations the man as a drug-addled madman to tell the real story the notorious author. After death, Poe became a global icon of modern literature and a pop culture brand, in life, he was an orphan in search of family, love and literary , written over 100 short stories and poems before dying under mysterious circumstances. During this 1-on-1 with Collider, actor Denis O’Hare talked about why he was overwhelmed at the idea of playing Edgar Allan Poe, finding the way to resemble the author, Poe might think of all of this, he was surprised to learn about Poe, and his favorite Poe stories. He also talked about the incredibly collaborative relationship he’s had with Ryan Murphy , has to such a wide array of memorable roles. Collider: When this project was presented to you and the idea of you playing Edgar Allan Poe came your way, was […]

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