Devin Dawson’s ‘Dark Horse’ Debut Rewrites the Rules of Country

Dark Horse Devin Dawson entered the music scene in April of 2017 with the release of his largely successful first single, “All On Me.” It became widely popular, but to balance out its upbeat and optimistic sound, he later released “Dark Horse,” a darker and more emotional single that became the namesake of his debut album. A dark horse can be thought of as an underdog that climbs to the top and becomes prominent—a perfect image for Dawson as a songwriter. On Dark Horse, Dawson is either the primary writer or co-writer on every song, proving himself to be one of the greatest singer-songwriters in modern country music. His uniquely gritty and raw style sets him apart from traditional and generic songs played on the radio today, and his unorthodox sound is making strides in the ongoing debate of what kinds of music can be considered country. A prime example of this creativity and uniqueness is on the first track of the album, “Dip.” This song might be the strangest, most unconventional one on the record, but it also illustrates some of the more pleasant and differing attributes of Dark Horse. The song starts off with a recording of […]

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