@Jordan Dane Have you ever con­sid­ered dic­tat­ing your next book or used voice recog­ni­tion to dic­tate your book? I must admit that the of this scared me. I’m such a visu­al learn­er and have a process I’m com­fort­able with. I  that com­fort to my abil­i­ty to craft a book, so the idea of mess­ing with my com­fort zone gave me the jit­ters. Here are some things to con­sid­er: Dic­tat­ing is free – If you’re uncer­tain about in this process, you can test the waters for free. Google Voice Typ­ing and Google DOCs has a fea­ture you can try. HERE is a link to the step by step instruc­tions for Google. For oth­er free apps, vis­it this LINK . Voice recog­ni­tion soft­ware has got­ten . (For MAC users, Google Voice appears to be a  option than Dragon/​Drag­on Nat­u­ral­ly Speak­ing even if Drag­on is made for MAC users ). Drag­on may be anoth­er soft­ware to try for PC users.) HERE is a list of -rat­ed rec­om­mend­ed voice recog­ni­tion soft­ware with fea­ture com­par­isons. Health – For those con­cerned with carpal tun­nel for your wrists or much sit­ting, dic­tat­ing can ease the strain on your […]