Dictate Your Next Book – Key Resources & Tips

@Jordan Dane Have you ever considered dictating your next book used voice recognition resources dictate your book? I must admit that the thought of this scared me. I’m such a visual learner and have a process I’m comfortable with. I connect that comfort my ability craft a book, so the idea of messing with my comfort zone gave me the jitters. Here some things to consider: Dictating is free – If you’re uncertain about investing in this process, you can test the waters for free. Google Voice Typing and Google DOCs has a feature you can try. HERE is a link to the by instructions for Google. For other free apps, visit this LINK . Voice recognition software has gotten better. (For MAC users, Google Voice appears to be a better option than Dragon/ Dragon Naturally Speaking even if Dragon is made for MAC users ). Dragon may be software to try for PC users.) HERE is a list of top-rated recommended voice recognition software with feature comparisons. Health – For those concerned with carpal tunnel for your wrists or too much sitting, dictating can ease the strain on your […]

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