[Discussion] Thoughts On Wounds! (Aki!)

A Wound, sometimes known as a character’s ghost, is a traumatic event in the character’s past that explains to the audience why the character is the way she or he is. It’s the experience that defines the psychological struggle they must combat on a daily basis. The moment that sets them on a journey to becoming who they can be; if they can manage to recover. Basically, it’s the psychological dragon they must slay. Bruce Wayne’s Wound is that fateful night where he let his fear beat him as a child and, as a result, tragically contributed to the death of his parents. Del Spooner (I, Robot), a guilt-ridden Chicago Police detective in a world filled with robots, was part of a car accident where a robot chose to save his life and not the life of a little girl. His Wound is both physical and psychological. Mike Chadway (The Ugly Truth), the endearing misogynist (if there is such a thing), has such strong opinions about how men and women operate because of the many painful experiences he had pursuing love. These traumatic events, these Wounds, will help the audience understand why these characters say what they say, and […]

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