By Eleanor Bley Griffiths We may have reached the American Gods season one finale – but the drama is only just getting . With just 130 pages of Gaiman’s novel behind us, 500 more stretch out beyond the bookmark. There is so much more story to tell. Even so, ’s time to pause and quick look back at the Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have carved out so far. At I should issue a spoiler warning: you should probably only read on if you’ve finished season one. And as the series itself borrows characters from later the story (Easter, Mr Jacquel, Mr Nancy), I’ll be pulling a few very-mildly-spoilery details about how they are different the novel too. Continue at your own risk. And so we to the reckoning: how does season one of American Gods stand up to Gaiman’s beloved 2001 novel? well, I think. A lot of the plot is wildly different, and the narrative is twisted to bring in major characters for unscheduled appearances when – by rights – they shouldn’t appear until season two or even three. But despite major changes, Fuller and Green […]

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