Dramatica "this scene represents" Dilemma

Question: I’ve decided to write a total of 64 scenes with 64,000 words. This is my benchmark, but I’m willing to let it grow larger or smaller as needed. I recently found a Storyform that I am exceptionally happy with based on what I have figured out so far (primarily based on the setup, inequity, and character relationships). My question is… based on this number of scenes, is there an order that a person could place the "this scene represents" options in. I think all of the options confuse me. If I could put them in a default (safe) order based on 64 scenes then tweak them as necessary, I’d feel more comfortable. I know what you probably will say… just do what you feel is right. But, for example, with the characters, I started out with Archetype and tweaked from there. I’d like to do the same thing with the "this scene represents" option. As if I were following a linear story from beginning to end. Any help possible? Thanks. Answer: Here are some thoughts, but don’t take them as definitive. There’s plenty of room for you to use your own creativity. If you look at the Plot […]

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