Endless Poetry (2017)

Endless Poetry Movie Review "Endless Poetry," a new autobiographical fantasy directed and written by 88 year-old Chilean-French filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky , is and isn’t an old man’s film. It isn’t in the sense that it feels like it was made with a young man’s passion and egoism. Every supporting character is a reflection or abstraction that serves to enrich and support the main character’s personal anarchic philosophy. All roads lead back to Jodorowsky: anyone or anything that contradicts his radical anti-capitalist, anti-booze, anti-church, anti-government, and anti-family philosophy is an obstacle in his way. At the same time, "Endless Poetry" also feels like an old man’s film because it encourages viewers to see themselves through the lens of Jodorowsky’s life. His teenage self ( Jeremias Herskovits , and later Alejandro’s real-life son Adan Jodorowsky ) is largely defined by a bullish determination to improvise his way towards self-hood that makes "Endless Poetry" a more focused sequel to " The Dance of Reality ," Jodorowsky’s equally ambitious 2013 cinematic memoirs. It also makes "Endless Poetry" reminiscent of "The Holy Mountain," Jodorowsky’s 1973 seminal avant-garde manifesto. In both "Endless Poetry" and "The Holy Mountain," Jodorowsky attempts to shake viewers’ out of their […]

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