Uncle is asking how much more time you will take. Baraat is as it is late and on top of it your tantrums ! Its done. You please leave now! Let me, atleast, apply some kajal. Enough of Kajal. Now you go. I am coming in a bit. Go to hell! You have gone totally mad ! Cheer up & come down. Baraat has already arrived. Who is it ? Door is open ! Who is there ? I am saying door is open, who is this idiot ! Who is.. You ! What are you doing here ? Wanted to talk to you. What ? Can I come inside for 2 minutes ? No. Whatever you want say, say it right here. Have you gone mad ? What if someone sees us ? Whats the matter ? Are you ready ? What ! You have come to ask this ? No, actually I wanted to meet you before our wedding. Why ? What was the need ? You had seen the photograph, right ? You agreed for the marriage after seeing my photo, right?. So why have you come now ? No, I thought that.. What ? What […]

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