EP Review: Noah Kahan’s ‘Hurt Somebody’ Triumphs with Heartache & Doubt

Singer/ Noah Kahan’s debut EP ‘ Hurt Somebody ‘ is passionate, down-to-earth, and alarmingly catchy – a perfect storm for the ideal introduction. — — The past two decades have been saturated by so much manufactured, assembly-line popular music that critics and casual music lovers have become skeptical and cynical the “ pop machine .” It’s commonplace, and often safe to assume that the catchy songs one hears on the radio are the result of a seasoned, background producer and upwards of five or more songwriters, all collaborating together in order to make a “hit.” Noah Kahan © 2018 Critics of process accuse it of stripping songs of their artistic quality, sacrificing authenticity and integrity in the pursuit of fame. By nature, it results in a homogeneous music market – meaning we repeatedly hear the same styles, ideas, and sounds – that discourages a melting pot of experimentation, creativity and outside influence. begs a slew of (mostly philosophical and theoretical) questions: What does mean for innovation? What does mean for newcomers? What makes new music stand out? Let us not forget that “authenticity,” and idea of a songwriter’s integrity, is a relatively […]

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