‘Episodes’ Season 5 Review: Matt LeBlanc Wraps the Best Work of His Career With a Sharp Final Year

The Showtime comedy digs into its main characters’ emotions — or what’s left of them — in a final season worth savoring. Sophie Mutevelian/SHOWTIME “ Episodes ” began as a journey: Two British television writers try to take their acclaimed series to America, and get caught in the web of Matt LeBlanc ’s world. Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Beverly’s (Tamsin Greig) original show is flush with promise — literal promises from eager Hollywood studio executives — but “Episodes” chronicles their massive failure. Entering Season 5, the couple has been put through the ringer. After five seasons, one awful sitcom, and a stolen bid at legitimacy, Sean and Beverly have experienced the industry at its most dysfunctional. And yet, they remain. They still care — desperately, foolishly, painfully — but they still care. They cling to the appearance of a normal life even as the flimsy walls of fake sets and fake people consistently come tumbling down. Even those that could be considered more than colleagues, friends even, don’t live up to the word: And standing tallest among the self-obsessed, image-driven heap of egomaniacal Los Angelenos is LeBlanc. His humanity has regularly been called into question over the course of […]

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