Essential Tips For Writing A Novel That Sells To The Public

Writing a novel for your readers By Sarah Robinson A lot of know how to open a book and read, but only a few know how to. There are even fewer who can write a novel, and within these few numbers, there is only a small percentage of who can write a story sells. And writing a novel is easy, especially if you don’t know where to begin with. So when you’re planning to write a novel, you might be wondering how you can write a book most readers will like, unless of course, you want to write for nothing. Gladly, we have gathered some essential tips for creating a piece sells to everyone who loves to buy books. 1. Choose your story’s theme. Before you start writing, it’s essential you should have an idea of what theme your whole novel will revolve around. You should pick a topic will peak your interest. Don’t pick something just because it’s what you think is cool, or what your audience will . You have to know that the audience will enjoy your story, no matter what the theme of your novel is. […]

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