Estonia’s Holy Motors Write With a Unique Desolation

The five-piece band from Tallinn conjures open-road loneliness on their LP ‘Slow Sundown,’ due in February of 2018. Colin Joyce Nov 28 2017, 5:50pm Photo by Kertin Vasser Holy Motors didn’t set out with any grand ambitions. Like a lot of bands, they just sorta gravitated together as young freaks living in a big-ish city and started playing songs. Over the last few years, they’ve made more of them, even released some, in fits and starts. They built a low-key collection of dusty rock songs built around the uniting principles of reverb and twang—slow ringing chords made more ominous by vaporous effects. But it was an unpretentious and quiet thing, at least for a while, guitarist Lauri Raus said in an email interview (he clarifies that the whole band contributed to his answers). “At first, the promise of the band was something really private,” he wrote. “There was this music we played, but we didn’t know what to do with any of it.” Part of that was by the nature of where the band lives. All five members live or grew up in Tallinn, Estonia, which they describe as a pretty private place. It’s a city, but something smaller […]

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