Eureka: novelist Anthony Quinn on completing his acclaimed trilogy

Anthony Quinn: ‘I had chance to write film adaptation without any interference, and I seized it’ I am intrigued by those writers who plan their novels with the bristling rigour of military strategist, drilling their characters like counters on model battlefield. And impressed that they seem in absolute of the direction their story is going to . One novelist friend told me he always has the final line of his book written before he even starts. I am not, alas, that kind of writer. I plot and scheme, of course, but it hardly ever comes out the way I’ve sketched in my head. The late William Trevor said of his writing: “If I didn’t believe it was mystery, the whole thing wouldn’t be worthwhile. I don’t know not how something is going to end, but what the next couple of lines are going to be”. I took great from that. If it’s slightly to write by instinct, the wonderful advantage is that you always surprise yourself. That’s what happened with my latest novel, Eureka , which began as one thing and ended another. I knew it was going to […]

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