Exclusive: Interview with singer/songwriter DEMAR

She discovered her passion for music when she was 8 years old. Authenticity drives her creative soul often out through beautiful songs which she scribble down for herself. DEMAR is an alternative pop artist from Miami who garnered attention with the cover of “Swimming Pools” by Kendrick Lamar. Her cover got one million streams on Spotify and quite a good response on platforms like YouTube. The singer recently completed her EP “Rebels” which be released this month. We got a chance to catch up with DEMAR who told us her musical journey and her new single “Fire”. Check out the full interview below: We would like to know your musical journey. How did your journey as a singer begin and how has it been so far? My journey began at 6 years old, dancing and singing for my family and making them watch me, even when they didn’t want to. But I would say it really began when I an original song radio contest which led to getting positive feedback from Ellie Goulding, that gave me confidence that I had talent. It’s funny my journey started so long […]

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