Exclusive Video Premiere: 'Sweet Sweet Silent,' Sivu

Before the melody begins in the music video for " Sweet Silent," the title track off of Sivu7;s new album due out month via Square Leg Records, the musician addresses the audience. "Music was inaudible for a ," he says. "The worst thing is knowing what love, the door is closing that … getting used to the idea that everything is getting more silent, literally." Sivu, who was born James Page in Cambridgeshire, England, is talking about his diagnosis with Ménière’s disease, a degenerative inner-ear condition with symptoms that include vertigo, tinnitus, and progressive hearing loss. "I wrote ‘Sweet Sweet Silent’ around the time I found out I had Ménière’s," he explains later over the phone. "It was one of the songs that I didn’t necessarily think about too much, it just happened," he continues. "I was trying to make a romantic spin the whole thing. Obviously being diagnosed was horrible and it’s been really difficult, but I wanted it to feel quite romantic in a strange way. It’s quite a negative, sad song, but I wanted it to feel quite positive." As Sivu, Page always had a knack for creating piercingly poignant […]

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