Before the melody begins in the music video for “Sweet Sweet Silent,” the title track off of Sivu’s new album due out next month via Square Leg Records, the musi­cian address­es the audi­ence. “Music was inaudi­ble for a while,” he says. “The worst thing is know­ing what I love, the door is clos­ing on that … get­ting used to the idea that every­thing is get­ting more silent, lit­er­al­ly.” Sivu, who was born James Page in Cam­bridgeshire, Eng­land, is talk­ing about his recent diag­no­sis with Ménière’s dis­ease, a degen­er­a­tive inner-ear con­di­tion with symp­toms that include ver­ti­go, tin­ni­tus, and pro­gres­sive hear­ing loss. “I wrote ‘Sweet Sweet Silent’ around the time I found out I had Ménière’s,” he explains lat­er over the phone. “It was one of the songs that I didn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly think about too much, it just hap­pened,” he con­tin­ues. “I was try­ing to make a roman­tic spin on the whole thing. Obvi­ous­ly being diag­nosed was hor­ri­ble and it’s been real­ly dif­fi­cult, but I want­ed it to feel quite roman­tic in a strange way. It’s quite a neg­a­tive, sad song, but I want­ed it to feel quite pos­i­tive.” As Sivu, Page has always had a knack for cre­at­ing pierc­ing­ly poignant […]