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Blunt Person Emily Blunt Middle Earth Tolkien Limo Tolkien Fancast + etymology | Manwë Súlimo – Emily Blunt Manwë- ‘blessed person’ coming from Quenya; Man (blessed) and Wë (person ) Súlime- ‘the breather’ coming from Quenya; wind (súlime) and wind… Dark Fairies Tolkien Middle Earth Elves Fan Art Fantasy Art Fandom Musicians Lord Ульмо Ulmo by Granks on DeviantArt See More New Names The He Tolkien Judges Prison Hobbit Elves Fandoms Universe MANDOS – (Quenya; “Prison-Fortress”) is an Ainu, one of the Aratar and a Vala who was responsible for the judgement of the dead. He was originally called Námo (Quenya; “Ordainer” or “Judge”) and was given this new name in honor of the Halls of Mandos, over which he presides, where elves go after they are slain . Tolkien Middle Earth The Wind Lotr Elves Mountain MANWE 2/2 He was also calledSúlimo, Mânawenûz or Valahiru and lives atop Mount Taniquetil in Valinor, the highest mountain of the world. The winds and airs are his servants. He was the greatest in authority, but not in power, of all the Valar, Melkor bei Deviant Art Tolkien Middle Earth Fanart Heroes Namo Mandos 2 by Maureval on DeviantArt See More Elf […]

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