Write A Book Book Publishing Children Books Writers Novel True Stories Short Stories My Books Funny Man Getting the book See Scuba Diving Dive Bucket List Grant Serenity scuba diving Gifts For Friends Inspirational Gifts Amazon Writing Inspiration Writers A Month Resolutions Amazons Book Diary Diaries The Times Book Jacket Writers The ’jays the Time Goes: Diary accidental time traveller. Write and Publish eBook in a month: (or less). A great guide by established author and publisher Chris Cook tells you exactly how to do in 30 or so easy steps. You can easily publish a month doing it just a day. It’s so reasonably priced at just £1.98 = $2.99 that you can make back the price of it in just one sale of new book. Go forth and write / publish. It’s all in the Name: EJ Extraordinary Journeys Africa, Lux Safaris Drafting a will is essential in order to ensure that estate and assets are distributed in line with wishes. A properly drafted will also helps ensure that court proceedings are concluded in a timely manner, and that disputes of assets […]

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