Ezra Vancil’s You EP Review

The cover for singer-songwriter Ezra Vancil’s Americana-folk rock EP, ‘You.’ Artist: Ezra Vancil EP: You Sometimes not overtly branding their present persona is actually the smartest way for a public figure to powerfully introduce their stunning reinvention. That’s certainly the case for Dallas-based singer-songwriter, Ezra Vancil. The musician has cleverly chosen not to feature his name in the artwork on the cover for his upcoming album, ‘You,’ and instead has just include the simple title. While the decision initially seems to be slightly risky from a promotional standpoint, the choice actually smartly emphasizes Vancil’s long-awaited transition from an alt-indie rocker back to his roots as an acoustic Americana and folk performer who’s focusing more on his wife than himself. In anticipation of next month’s distribution of his full-length album, which will feature 11 tracks, Vancil has released a new EP as an advance teaser. The EP, which features three songs from the full-length album, stunningly reflects his emotional viewpoints about, and connection to, his wife, and focuses on subjects that are meaningful to them both. The EP version of ‘You’ begins with its best entry, which is titled ‘Complicated Man.’ The song freely represents the singer-songwriter’s raucous and lively […]

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