Fear & Loathing In Image's Gonzo VOID TRIP

Credit: Plaid Klaus (Image Comics) Credit: Plaid Klaus (Image Comics) There’s the saying about how it’s not about the miles, it’s the destination. What if your destination is to get as high as you possibly can while on your way to a planet that is literally paradise for slackers while avoiding space mobsters? In this week’s Void Trip from Image Comics, Turncoat writer Ryan O’Sullivan reunites with artist Plaid Klaus to bring readers a road trip between friends gone horribly wrong. Take cues from writers like Hunter S. Thompson (who did not skip around his own psychedelic drug use), O’Sullivan takes Ana and Gabe on a journey that is beyond the final frontier. Newsarama spoke to O’Sullivan about Void Trip, from the trippy inspirations behind it and what tropes he wanted to avoid while constructing it and where he’d go should he be able to travel among the stars. Newsarama : So Ryan, you have Ana and Gabe as your protagonists here in Void Trip , but they’re really unlikely heroes in pretty much every single way. What made you want to create such atypical leads? Ryan O’Sullivan : Void Trip , at its core, is a story about […]

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