Pinterest SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’ episode of the Walking , “100.” Having scenes different languages with subtitles becoming more commonplace on television — but they are usually just that: individual scenes. However, for Sunday night’s “100” episode of Fear the Walking Dead , AMC even , airing an almost completely Spanish-language episode. With the exception of one scene between Daniel Salazar and Victor Strand, the rest of the episode — which told the backstory of what happened to Daniel after he set fire to the Mexican compound back in 2 — was entirely in Spanish. We asked Fear showrunner Dave Erickson about that decision, well mapping out Daniel’s backstory and moment-of-truth choice at the very end. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We haven’t seen Daniel since the season 2 midseason finale, so it’s been a while. When did you come up with story in terms of what had happened to ? Did you know all the way back when he set the compound on fire, or did it come together later? DAVE ERICKSON: There are a lot of circumstances creatively and practically that went into the […]

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