Pin­ter­est SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s episode of Fear the Walk­ing Dead, “100.” Hav­ing scenes in dif­fer­ent lan­guages with sub­ti­tles is becom­ing more com­mon­place on tele­vi­sion — but they are usu­al­ly just that: indi­vid­ual scenes. How­ev­er, for Sun­day night’s “100” episode of Fear the Walk­ing Dead , AMC went even fur­ther, air­ing an almost com­plete­ly Span­ish-lan­guage episode. With the excep­tion of one scene between Daniel Salazar and Vic­tor Strand, the rest of the episode — which told the back­sto­ry of what hap­pened to Daniel after he set fire to the Mex­i­can com­pound back in sea­son 2 — was entire­ly in Span­ish. We asked Fear showrun­ner Dave Erick­son about that deci­sion, as well as map­ping out Daniel’s back­sto­ry and his moment-of-truth choice at the very end. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We haven’t seen Daniel since the sea­son 2 mid­sea­son finale, so it’s been a while. When did you come up with his sto­ry in terms of what had hap­pened to him? Did you know all the way back when he set the com­pound on fire, or did it come togeth­er lat­er? DAVE ERICKSON: There are a lot of cir­cum­stances cre­ative­ly and prac­ti­cal­ly that went into the […]