February book reviews

Cycling advice and thrilling detective writings from a wine expert EDITOR’S CHOICE Savages : The Wedding , Sabri Louatah, Corsair, £12.99 ISBN: 978-1-4721-5322-7 Inspired by riots in France and Dostoyevsky’s Demons , this is a French election on a knife-edge after an assassination attempt on the leading socialist candidate; who is also the first Arab candidate. There is no denying that this is a seductive book and the writing in translation is simple but deceptively subtle. It is pacy without seeming rushed, detailed without being boring. 200 pages fizzle past. Starting as a pure novel with mention of the rising threat to candidate Idder Chaouch, Savages takes on a darker tone when we meet the other side of the religious divide and Krim. His full name is Abdelkrim, an extraordinarily conflicted young man. He is receiving texts from his cousin Nazir who is deeply involved in crime. He has saved Krim from retribution for stealing from a gang leader and has him wound up to just the point he wants him. It is a bad combination for candidate Chouach but also for his daughter’s new partner, the idol of much of France’s youth, actor Fouad Nerrouche. He is Nazir’s […]

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