Fiction And Autobiography Collide In 'The Minor Outsider'

"There is a Russian-roulette effect to the storytelling that will keep readers turning the page … impressive, focusing on life’s contradictions and absurdities." — Irish Times The Minor Outsider The following are highlights from the conversation with Ted McDermott. For the full conversation, click the audio link above or subscribe to our podcast. Sarah Aronson: Do you think there’s a way writers mask their authenticity with their words? Ted McDermott: Well, I think that there’s a lot of fiction out there that is just not autobiographical in any way, and I think that’s great, but for me, I’m more interested in writing that is fiction and that connects to reality in ways that are both direct and really fraught and messy. I just am kind of drawn to that. So I guess I would say that writers don’t really hide behind their words so much as that they use language to turn life into something that is manipulable and examinable and kind of something that they can hold in their hands … How long did it take for you to write the book? I wrote the book kind of gradually as a series of short stories. I wrote it […]

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