Lately, I’ve been thinking about fiction and nonfiction. I’ve said a few times that I love the nonfiction essays of David Foster Wallace but I can’t force myself into the fiction. J ust last month, I got some insight from his interview with David Lipsky: I can tell by the Lipsky interview that Wallace put much less effort into those essays than he put into his fictions, but the fiction doesn’t work on me the way it’s supposed to, which is — Wallace says this in the long interview — that it’s supposed to be great fun…. Lipsky emailed me and challenged my resistance to reading Wallace’s fiction. I’ve tried to get into "Infinite Jest," and I can see how much fun it’s supposed to be, but it’s just not fun for me . I’m working my way to saying something about Aziz Ansari, so let me preview the nonfiction sex story about him that’s in the news today . He’s quoted as saying, during the incident, "Oh, of course, it’s only fun if we’re both having fun," and afterwards texting, "It was fun meeting you last night," to which the woman responded, "Last night might’ve been fun for […]

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