Fiction: Light years by Emylia Hall

Could a romantic break in Elba rekindle the spark for Gareth and Lorna? Out on the balcony the guttural roar of Gareth’s snoring was mercifully muffled. His afternoon snooze had gone on too long, which meant he’d wake feeling more irritable than refreshed; after 35 years of marriage Lorna knew her husband as well as she knew herself. A few more minutes and she’d gently shake him. Inside her sandals, she flexed her toes. Her eyes ran to the view – densely verdant hills tumbling to a sapphire sea – and she gave a small sigh of satisfaction. The island of Elba had been her idea and, incredibly but perhaps because it was still Tuscany, he’d agreed. Since the twins had left home they’d holidayed in the same spot year after year; a villa set among a patchwork of fields that were popular with Gareth because they reminded him of his own green and pleasant land. He was, in Lorna’s opinion, a man who took the idea of travelling to find one’s self rather too literally. How she wished her children, just once, had thought to join them on their annual trip. They used to be such a tightly […]

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