Victoria Schwab’s Monsters Verity duology culminates with Our Dark Duet that up a few months after where This Savage Song (reviewed Books & Authors earlier) left off. The narrative stays with the protagonists the earlier , Kate and August, alternating perspectives between the two lead characters the same style as that employed This Savage Song. Our Dark Duet continues Kate and August’s stories a world that hasn’t changed at its core — the cities continue to be rife with , supernatural terrors lurk the dark, and each being that lives just to take human lives exists only because human lives were taken. The central premise Schwab uses to build this world remains as intriguing, as exciting and as frightening a second time around: what if, for every act of human violence, a physical, literal monster was born, one that feeds either on flesh or blood, or of all, on human souls. But monsters have their uses too, and the Verity City we return to is partly under the control of Sloan — a Malchai (monsters by an act of , and who feed on blood) desperate to have […]

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