A home-made living room labyrinth that’s "bigger on the inside" proves improbably difficult to escape. “ Dave Made a Maze ” is a whimsical fantasy about a dude who gets lost in a living-room labyrinth of his own . Bill Watterson’s directorial debut is itself like an awesomely scaled home craft project. The idiosyncrasy and resourcefulness are impressive, even inspiring to a point. at 80-odd minutes, the self-conscious novelty begins to seem stretched, enough so that you notice clever conceit is never particularly funny or meaningful — just cute. Nonetheless, it’s just the kind of project that’s bound to accrue a cult following. Dave ( Nick Thune ) is an artist plagued by creative block. his girlfriend, Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhani), leaves for the weekend, he devises a wee craft project to get the juices flowing. Upon her return, Annie is nonplussed to discover the results occupying entire apartment living room: Dave has built a cardboard maze, and while he responds cheerfully to her greeting and sounds just inches away, he cannot seem to make his way out. “It’s bigger on the inside,” he calls, pleading with her not to rattle the sides (which he […]

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