PHOTO COURTESY A24 It’s always fascinating watch a performer’s progress after they find stardom through a singularly iconic role. Both Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have been able to transition into a beyond " Potter," and post "Twilight," Kristen Stewart has transformed into an unlikely critic’s darling with terrific performances in indie dramas from "Certain Women" to this year’s "Personal Shopper." Meanwhile Robert Pattinson, Stewart’s -star in that star-crossed vampire franchise, has had a slightly harder time of it. But as he’s begun seeking out directors of a vision — Werner Herzog, Cronenberg, James Gray, and soon Claire Denis — he’s been gradually finding roles that show off his talent. That slow and steady rise now builds to his revelatory performance as a small-time crook in the grimy crime-thriller "Good Time." Between this and "Personal Shopper," who knew the stars of "Twilight" would be responsible for two of my favorite performances of 2017, so far? Pattinson plays Constantine Nikas, one half of the would-be outlaw brothers at the center of Josh and Benny Safdie’s urgent exploration of criminal and familial responsibility. The other half of that equation is Connie’s mentally handicapped brother, Nick […]

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