Film Review: The haunting reality of ‘A Ghost Story’ is a gut-punch of emotion

There comes a moment in David Lowery’s A Ghost Story where a sheet covered-hand knocks a stack of books off of a shelf, and we can see clearly a of the books lying on the floor. like this are typically easter-eggs for attentive viewers, where directors can insert their own personal influences a film and pay small homage to without overwhelming the story, and Lowery’s up to something similar. On one hand, we Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera , which uses ghosts as bits and pieces in the composition of its magical realist setting, and it’s easy to see the pastoral influences of Marquez’s work in Lowery’s other films. Yet lying open on the floor, for us to a glimpse of, is a collection of Virginia Woolf’s short stories, to a page from “A Haunted House” and, indeed, a quote from that story is also used as the film’s epigraph. That melancholy story, of empty spaces robbed of , of the bizarre stretch and squish of time itself, ultimately winds up being the greatest inspiration for this film, and it’s hard not to say that Lowery himself has pulled […]

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