For the mega-best­selling author of The Wid­ow , you’d think writ­ing anoth­er book would feel easy — but Fiona Barton’s new nov­el The Child was even more chal­leng­ing to write than the first, she tells Bus­tle. The Child comes out on June 27, and will no doubt be eager­ly snatched up by every­one who read and loved The Wid­ow last year. Fan-favorite char­ac­ter Kate Waters is back for a sec­ond mys­tery — this time dig­ging into the secrets behind the skele­ton of a new­born infant found hid­den on a build­ing site. “The expe­ri­ence could not have been more dif­fer­ent!” Bar­ton says, of writ­ing a sec­ond nov­el . “With the first book, no one knows you are writ­ing so you poo­tle along at your own pace, let­ting the ideas fer­ment in your head, writ­ing when you feel like it, not writ­ing for weeks or months. Don’t get me wrong, writ­ing in this sort of bub­ble brings its own anx­i­eties – the con­vic­tion that no one will want to read your work, the fear that you will nev­er fin­ish… But then, there is Book 2. There is no bub­ble. A lot of peo­ple know you are writ­ing. There is a dead­line.” […]