First Language Ever Invented?

Bloodsail Admiral Over 9000! Legendary! Mechagnome Elemental The Unstoppable Force Titan Super Saiyan Sparkle fights demonic centaur, week on Family! Titan None actually. Or at least we have no of knowing that language is or was. Most likely mankind developed the ability for language long before we started actively using it for serious communication. Before language there was a kind of proto-language, or pre-language that exists in that nether region animal sounds and gestures and language, it doesn’t exactly have lexicon, syntax, or but it isn’t animal calls either. Language likely developed independently among the proto-language using as we spread about and thus emerged independently. If there was one single Proto-World as its sometimes called, then its likely impossible for us to ever know what it was like because the method by which we reconstruct language families relies on comparative triangulation among surviving or testable daughter languages. So like using Sanskrit, Latin, Old Irish, Greek and Old Church Slovanic and Avastan we were able to construct Proto-Indo-European it was clear languages all had a common ancestor. If P.I.E and say Semetic had a common ancestor it was […]

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