Firsts: The first cosplay took place at the first-ever con... in 1939

Contributed by When cosplayers dress up as their favorite character, or even their interpretation of a favorite character, they’re not just expressing their fandom. They’re also carrying on a tradition that began with… well, the first iterations of fan conventions. The first recorded cosplay took place at one of the world’s first science fiction conventions, Worldcon I , in 1939. Prior to this, there had been only four other gatherings of science fiction fans. The first Worldcon was a massive gathering… of 200 people. It was there that Myrtle ("Morojo") Douglas dressed herself and her then-boyfriend Forrest ("Forry") J. Ackerman in fantastical costumes inspired by the pulpy covers of magazines such as Science Wonder Stories and Astounding Stories of Super-Science . John. L. Coker III, a science fiction historian, edited the non-fiction book Tales of the Time Travelers: The Adventures of Forrest J. Ackerman and Julius Schwartz , which collected stories about early fandom. There, Ackerman discussed his first cosplay, rather, the first cosplay: (Excerpts and photos used with permission of Coker.) "It was sort of like Clark Kent when he steps into the telephone booth and comes out with a Superman suit," Ackerman wrote. "When I got into […]

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