Flash Fiction Friday — “Uncertainty”

All writers need writing practice, right? Flash fiction based on a photo or other prompt is a great way to expand your creativity and maybe even break through writer’ block. And can build confidence, too, especially if you’re a beginner. The best part is that doesn’t require a time commitment. Flash fiction, also called short shorts, sudden fiction, and microfiction, is a general term for complete stories under 1500 words. Most often, flash fiction means a story of fewer than 400-500 words. Why write flash fiction? Composing an entire story such a short space requires careful structuring, plotting, and word choice. Plus, you’ll get practice “showing” action rather than “telling” what happened while keeping descriptions to a minimum. And opportunities to enter contests and get paid for your efforts plentiful. A search keywords like flash fiction contests or flash fiction submissions 2018 will turn up plenty. Starting today, every Friday will be Flash Fiction Friday. week’s theme is “uncertainty.” Instructions: Based on the photo prompt provided, write a 350-word story the theme “uncertainty.” Post your completed story the comments. If you’d rather not post the story itself, you can join […]

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