Born for This By Jason Pere Saria had nev­er once thought that she might be grate­ful to the chimera for some­thing. It was on this day that she real­ized a mea­sure of grat­i­tude for the mon­strous beasts. It was a small skir­mish not far from the omi­nous seal wall of Viros that had her­ald­ed her free­dom form what had become a dread­ful­ly bor­ing affair in the city. Day after day the woman wait­ed for the slow turn­ing cogs that were the bureau­cra­cy of the Ver­mil­lion Coun­cil to make progress and offer her some direc­tive. Saria had been promised a piv­otal role in the com­ing war against the chimera but so far her days were filled with find­ing means to enter­tain her­self while oth­ers plot­ted and schemed. She had begun to won­der if the vet­er­an holy men and schol­ars that wore the red robes had any real plan for com­bat­ing the horde of crea­tures that lay waste to Arga­ia. The only thing that had kept Saria from with­er­ing in bore­dom with­in the cage of Viros was the sud­den and inex­plic­a­ble atten­tion of Noah Red­moon. If she were to be com­plete­ly hon­est with her­self, the hours she spent con­tem­plat­ing the mys­tery […]