Born for By Jason Pere Saria had never once thought that she might be to the chimera for something. It was on day that she realized a measure of gratitude for the monstrous beasts. It was a skirmish far from the ominous wall of Viros that had heralded her freedom form had become a dreadfully boring affair in the city. Day after day the woman waited for the slow turning cogs that the bureaucracy of the Vermillion Council to make progress and offer her some directive. Saria had been promised a pivotal role in the coming war against the chimera but so far her days filled with finding means to entertain herself others plotted and schemed. She had begun to wonder if the veteran holy men and scholars that wore the robes had any real plan for combating the horde of creatures that lay waste to Argaia. The only thing that had kept Saria from withering in boredom the cage of Viros was the sudden and inexplicable attention of Noah Redmoon. If she were to be completely honest with herself, the hours she spent contemplating the mystery […]

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