Monte Perepelkin, bottom, at the Moto Valley Raceway in Regina on Saturday. In 1999 at age 30 while motocross racing in Lethbridge, Perepelkin had an accident that left him a quadriplegic. He recently wrote an auto-biography called The Perfect Life. Michael Bell As he lay like a ragdoll on the track, Monte Perepelkin remembers the sensation of a warm wave, as if a powerful drug was coursing through his veins. Then came the realization he couldn’t move. He was barely 30-years-old back then, on Feb. 12 1999, a married father of two young daughters, a carpenter by trade — and a self-described adrenaline junkie as a pro Canadian motocross racer. As he finished his third lap at the Lethbridge indoor arena, Perepelkin felt confident he’d capture one of the two spots to advance. To better his speed, he opted for the course’s small, steep triple-jump, and knew immediately he was in trouble. He tried to correct — to no avail. “Suddenly the front wheel of my bike planted itself into the face of the landing. The momentum carried me over the bars head first into the ground, where the chin guard of my helmet dug into the moist, hard-packed […]