Yesterday, comic book creator Gail Simone , who has just announced a new Domino series from Marvel, after not working for the publisher for years, asked a question on Facebook. She talks about how the letters pages, editorial notes in comics and Bullpen pages created a “line-wide, organic continuity” not just the stories “but about Marvel philosophies and what the creators did for fun.” “Even the house ads tended to cover a lot of books on a single page, not just the biggest upcoming event.” An answer might be that Marvel has moved much of that to the web. But there has been an attempt to bring back much of what Gail talked about at Marvel, with the return of FOOM, chattier backmatter and the multi-title ads of Marvel Legacy. But that’s only a recent innovation. Gail sees the trend in the other direction. I feel like even before the Internet, we let all of those things go one-by-one. And I think it is even reflected on the Internet now, where there used to be TONS of publisher-specific message boards, now very few such specific boards seem to have any traffic, and those are not publisher sponsored or supported. […]

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