Genocide ripped a family apart. Uncovered letters tell their story

Adrienne G. Alexanian speaks about fathers experience in the book Forced Into Genocide at Fresno State on Nov. 14, 2017. Alexanian is the editor of Forced Into Genocide. (Megan Trindad/The Collegian) Adrienne Alexanian went to clean the closet of late father not too long after he died. In the process, she uncovered a new chapter – personal experiences she hadn’t about – of the Armenian Genocide. father, Yervant Alexanian, was an Armenian soldier in the Turkish army during the Armenian Genocide. Alexanian said father never shared this part of his life with his family. Still, he would write down the experience a way to cope with the it took on him. Unlike soldiers who were conscripted into the Turkish army during World War , Yervant Alexanian survived. His records range from infancy up his transition to the United States after the genocide. “ was going his papers to archive them, because he was such a prolific activist in the [Armenian] community,” Alexanian said. “When got to the bottom of the box, found all of these booklets and loose papers and documents in Ottoman Turkish and Armenian, and […]

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