Getting Into Character: Fiction Writing Exercises

Writers not actors, but sometimes we need to get into character. To truly understand the nature of character, writer must step into that character’s shoes. You can use character sketches and descriptions while you’re creating character , but the character remain two dimensional until you can get into the character’s head and understand what makes them tick. It’s harder it . Your first impulse might be to act like puppet , pulling the character’s strings and controlling every action and line of dialogue. But what you really need to do is scoot over and get in the passenger’s seat. Let your character do the driving and ride along as an observer. And that’s exactly what today’s fiction writing exercises will help you do. Tips for Getting Into Character Many artists and creative people talk about entering “the zone.” This is a state of mind in which you’re running automatic pilot. Your right (creative) brain is fully engaged and your left (logical) brain is snoozing with one eye . It is in this state that people often get lost in an , lose of time, and produce some of their best […]

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