Glier plans to bring ‘a lot of noise’ to Nashville

Staff Writer Singer and songwriter Seth Glier will be playing in Nashville on Wednesday, headlining The Country. Glier, just released a new album, titled “Birds” in September. The Tullahoma News caught up with Glier, talking about the new album, life, his influences and about the upcoming tour. Tullahoma News (TN): How excited are you to get the new tour underway, I believe it gets underway on Oct. 13? Seth Glier (SG): It’s been sort of on-and-off. I’ve been doing a lot of weekend work and testing out some new stuff, but the 13 th is when I leave for a really extended period of time for the next six weeks. I’m excited. I mean, being on the road gives me an overwhelming sense of optimism and hope… It’s easy to get just my information from the regular new streams and just get bummed out. I think that’s one of the reasons I love traveling so much is you just meeting a variety of people and exchanging values. It’s wonderful. Seth Glier- Photo by GMD Three TN: You just released “Birds,” talk to me a little bit about the writing process for that album. SG: I wrote most of it […]

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