Glier plans to bring ‘a lot of noise’ to Nashville

Staff Writer Singer and songwriter Seth Glier will be playing in Nashville on Wednesday, headlining The Country. Glier, just released new album, titled “Birds” in September. The Tullahoma News caught up Glier, talking about the new album, life, his influences and about the upcoming . Tullahoma News (TN): How excited are you the new tour underway, I believe it gets underway on Oct. 13? Seth Glier (SG): It’s been sort of on-and-off. I’ve been doing a lot of weekend work and testing new stuff, but the 13 th is when I leave for a extended period of time for the next six weeks. I’m excited. I mean, being on the road gives me an overwhelming sense of optimism and hope… It’s easy to just my information from the regular new streams and just bummed out. I think that’s one of the reasons I love traveling so much is you just meeting a variety of people and exchanging values. It’s wonderful. Seth Glier- Photo by GMD Three TN: You just released “Birds,” talk to me a little bit about the writing for that album. SG: I wrote most of it […]

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