Join Date Posts So, I’m reading a book that’s written in past tense; however, the author writes this: "I don’t know how long we went that way…" It’s not in italics (she does use italics for internal thought). It’s just a part of the paragraph. However, wouldn’t the proper word be "didn’t"? Or is there a grammar rule I don’t know? Because it’s based around knowledge, and she may know it now, in the moment she didn’t, so it’s "don’t"? Or are these just grammar rules that authors are allowed to break for the sake of sounding better (because didn’t know sounds kind of weird)? The narration is happening NOW, you can imagine the author sitting next to you and telling you the story at this very moment. The author is remembering some events and telling you about them NOW. Everything that happens now is present tense, right? Well, he doesn’t know how long it took the characters in the story to walk that way. He doesn’t know now, while he’s telling you the story. The story he’s telling is about events that happened in the past. The narrator doesn’t know how long they walked THEN. The events in […]

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