Hands-on: Kindle iOS app update is the most dramatic in years, and brings new reading tools

– A + mode and improvements to Page Flip are welcome it’s still the of books available that make the latest version of Amazon’s app for iPhone and iPad a must. Even if you have never bought a device, you have one already: there’s a app for Macs, iPhones and iPads. The newly updated 6.0.1 for revamps the look and feel of the book-reading service and also tightens integration with Goodreads to get you recommendations from a community of fellow readers. This Goodreads connection is currently only available to U.S. subscribers of the service. If that’s you, though, then the new app an extra Community tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap that and you’re off chatting inside the Goodreads service while staying within the Kindle app. All other changes and improvements are available for every user. Of those, the most immediately visible one a small but very effective one: by default you now see a new Mode. Wherever you saw heavy black borders before, you now get white and the size of book covers has been increased. There’s no difference when you’re actually reading a book: […]

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