Haruki Murakami & Raymond Carver – Literary Comrades

Today I’d like to discuss a writer named Raymond Carver. Are any of you familiar with his short fiction? He’s an American who lived in the of Washington and passed away in 1988. His short stories are quite compelling. His subtle use of language is mesmerizing and he uses it to describe the human condition in fascinating ways. One of his short story collections (named after a fantastic story within the collection) is called, “What We Talk About When We Talk About .” Does title sound familiar? Murakami asked Carver’s wife, Tess Gallagher, if he could honor Carver by titling his own memoir, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running . Murakami was one of Carver’s translators and they were friends, or “Literary Comrades,” as Murakami wrote in a tribute to Carver. In a recent article about a meeting took place between Carver and Murakami, the author mentions how Murakami wanted to meet Carver after reading the short story, “So Much Water So Close to Home” in 1982. Upon reading this, I had to investigate to find uncover the source of this magical meeting of two great literary minds. Surprisingly, it was Murakami […]

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