‘He kept digging, kept searching’

Sam Shephard works in the library at the Santa Fe Institute. For Shepard, died July 27 of ALS, the Institute served as refuge where he could focus on his writing and avoid excessive interplay with others. To larger degree, Santa Fe and New Mexico served the same purpose. InSightFoto for the Santa Fe Institute Every day for year, Sam Shepard would walk into his office at the Santa Fe Institute to write. He would not use computer, preferring small portable typewriter that he carried in case. He changed the ribbon when needed. Sometimes he wrote by long hand. He dressed Santa Fe style — casual jeans, denim jacket, cowboy boots. It was 2010-11, good period for Shepard. The Institute — community of creative and scientific researchers and thinkers — had chosen him as Miller Scholar, and that gave him year to do nothing write. “He clearly very much enjoyed it,” said Jerry Sabloff, served as president of the Institute from 200-15. “It was a significant change of pace for him. He would sit down with the scientists at lunch and chat and chat. It was intellectually […]

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