We are all a treasure-house of stories, houseful of stories that are beautiful to dutiful to bad to sad to mad captured in our moments of life’s journey and incidentally get stored in our memories. We have so many of them, and many of us just don’t know what do with those stories seeded with our emotions and nurtured by our motions over years that keep piling in our cupboard. They are locked. They are sketchy. They are not skeletons that come tumbling when we open the lock; they are sketches of our thoughts layered in those hidden shelves of the board. How to creatively bring out those subtle stories inside us and compassionately share with the world outside? The art of storytelling is not easy task and hence it is an art. Like any art form this art also needs the “will and skill” to craft the story. There is always that uncanny debate on the shorter version vs. longer version of the art of storytelling. The shorter versions of stories are the short stories and strangely, the short stories are in short supply. This has been the case for years and still it continues to be there, […]

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