Here Are Some Great Comics by #ActualAsianComicWriters That You Can Buy – Just in Time for Holiday Shopping!

In the wake of revelations that Marvel’s new editor-in-chief, C.B. Cebulski, wrote a number of Japan-set comics for them under the pseudonym Akira Yoshida in the early 2000s, even going so far to give interviews in which invented an entire backstory for his yellowface pen name, Asian comics creators banded together to highlight the work of comics writers who are actually Asian. According to Huffington Post , the hashtag #ActualAsianComicWriters was started by activist Mark Tseng-Putterman . The tag has featured scores of amazing Asian creatives, but we at TMS to highlight a few our favorite works from some of these creators, both in manga and in Western-style comics. Our below is by means exhaustive (not even for the individuals whose work we listed!), and we focused on writers because of the nature of the tag, so please share your own recommendations in the comments. The more we can spread the good word of authentic, entertaining representation, the richer our industries (and our comics collections) will be. Boxers & Saints, by Gene Luen Yang. When someone tells you they’ve got a two-volume series on the Boxer Rebellion, your eyes might to […]

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