Fox Today is Father’s Day, and honor of all those who have impacted our lives, we would like to take time to more of the men who helped raise us — well, the fictional ones. Many of us grew up with a favorite dad from or television — and though it may seem silly, they taught us enough lessons that they are worthy of their own “ Happy Father’s Day” shoutouts . To the men who raised me, whether they knew it or not, I wish you a happy day! Here are some of the best fictional Dads, expanding on our list of TV dads we want to thank . Dan was loud, hilarious, and always straight forward. Though he have a bit of a temper , he worked hard for his family, loved them as the individuals they , and was always extremely supportive (and intimidating). Banks , Father of the If you don’t also want Steve Martin to be your husband and/or some kind of pivotal figure your life, you and I are not the same kind of person, friend. George Banks is the best dad; […]

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