see more Glass heads on beach at sunset If you’re like me, you were attracted to the Good Men Project because you wanted to be a better man. I have news for you: you were born a good man. The key to seeing that is in the identification of the aspects of yourself that make you question that; the aspects that need your attention and healing. Let me explain. Every boy born into this world is innocent. If you’ve ever held an infant, particularly your own, you’ve probably had a sense of the perfection and purity of that young one. Just as we can view the corpse of a recently departed friend or brother and sense that they’re “not there,” we can look at a little one and sense that they’re more than what we see . We can sense an “oldness” about them or an intelligence. This has nothing to do with what they’ve accomplished; they haven’t accomplished anything we can ascertain at a few days or months old. But they seem to be far more than a miniature “blank slate”. Have you ever had that experience? If not, the next time you get to hold a baby, […]

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