see more Glass heads on at sunset If you’ like me, you were attracted to the Good Men Project because you wanted to be a better man. I have news for you: you were born a good man. The key to seeing that is in the identification of the aspects of that make you question that; the aspects that need your attention healing. Let me explain. Every boy born into this world is innocent. If you’ve ever held an infant, particularly your own, you’ve probably had a sense of the perfection purity of that one. as we can view the corpse of a recently departed friend or brother and sense that they’re “not ,” we can look at a little one and sense that they’re more than we see . We can sense an “oldness” about them or an intelligence. This has nothing to with what they’ve accomplished; they haven’t accomplished anything we can ascertain at a few days or months old. But they seem to be far more than a miniature “blank slate”. Have you ever had that experience? If not, the time you get to hold a baby, […]

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